1- Subject

Providing all services provided on the website, performing professional advertising and rendering consulting services to order to introduce, market and sell Sushia services on the official website of Azerbaijan with registration number 1504850911 and address: Unit 126, 18th Floor, Azore Commercial Tower, Nobel Street, Azerbaijan, Baku.  


2- Duration

It is valid for one year from the date of registration.


3- Terms and Obligations

3.1: Sushia undertakes to regularly inform sales consultants for the necessary information about quantitative and qualitative changes in services through the site and communication channels.

3.2: Registration on the official website of the company is completely free.

3.3: Sushia Services is non-exclusive and the Company reserves the right to enter into a similar contract with other individuals or entities and to delegate the Services to any other third party.

3.4: This contract does not create any employment obligation for Sushia and is excluded from the scope of labor and insurance laws in any of the world.

3.5: The sales expert is not obliged to work and have activity at a specific time or place.

3.6: Sushia can pay bonuses to top sellers and sales experts each week as approved by the company board. These bonuses are calculated at 24:00 of every Sunday and will be deposited in the users' wallets. Users only can register and submit their settlement request from their user panel until every Saturday at 23:59.

3.7: The user or sales expert is obliged to comply with all the rules available on the website, regarding marketing and sales, and in case of any change in these rules, the sales consultants are obliged to act with these changes.

3.8: The user or sales consultant undertakes to keep all information and documents provided by Sushia confidential and not to use them for the benefit of himself/herself or any third party.

3 .9: The sales consultant undertakes to participate in the training and explanation programs offered by Sushia Academy, including seminars and training courses with the aim of updating information business method.

3.10: The sales consultant cannot claim to be employed by Sushia.

3.11: The user or sales expert must educate buyers to use the service and be fully aware of the rules and regulations.

3.12: The user or sales expert can use advertising tools such as the Internet, SMS system, etc. in accordance with the laws of their country.

3.13: Providing any incorrect information about services, prices, etc. to the buyer by the sales expert in any way is prohibited.

3.14: All amounts will be credited to Sushia's account through the bank portal and receiving any amount from the buyer under any title is considered a violation.

3.15: The working position of customers and sales consultants is exclusive and they do not have the authority to gift, sell, transfer or delegate their business position (user area) to others.

3.16: In case of any negative impact on the business and reputation of the company, material and moral damage to incurred to the company due to violation of contractual obligations, violation of the terms of service or negligence in implementing the provisions of this contract is deemed as a result of user or sales expert's violation and damages and related penalties must be calculated and paid to the company within one month.

3.17: The user or the sales expert waives his/her right to use the Sushia's trademarks and logo without the written permission and relevant approvals.

3.18: If the user or sales consultant does not comply with the obligations set forth in this contract or does not stop violating the obligation and compensate for damages and adverse effects, the company will be allowed to terminate all services without refund.

3.19: The implementation of any training structure within the system is not approved by Sushia. The training system is provided to marketers only through Sushia Academy, which is approved by the insurance company.

3.20: If Users and marketers feel any discrepancy with their fee, they should only send their discrepancy ticket within 24 hours after the calculation (finally Monday at 23:59). Otherwise, no recalculation and fee analysis will be performed for him.

3.21: Change in user profile that only includes: change of identifier and support (with management approval and submission of necessary documents to confirm changes), change of mobile number, change of heir, change of father's name, correction of national code and date of birth, will be possible only in the first 10 days (Only if the order is not registered) after their registration and from that date onwards is not possible under any circumstances. Keep in mind that if the details are entered incorrectly other than the above-mentioned cases, all the consequences will be the responsibility of the consultant himself.

3.22: If the senior sponsors (ranks of Diamond, Ambassador, Master) of the organization, send a report to the company about the improper performance of one of the members of their sales network, the company can investigate the matter and in case of any breach of the regulations is found the company can notify the failing party  and deal with him according to the rules, and sales consultants must abide by it. It should be noted that observing the principles introduced by Sushia Academy is also within the framework of this article (meetings introduced by Sushia Academy such as: weekly meetings and meetings of different ranks).

3.23: Acting as a sales consultant only includes people over 18 years of age and in countries that do not have domestic laws related to network marketing activities, otherwise having activity in that country is prohibited and all the subsequences are borne by the sales consultant himself.

3.24: Any political, factional, party and propaganda activities as well as advertising for other companies, etc. in offices, company's workshops and also introduction the matter to the members of Sushia is prohibited and the position of the offender will be blocked forever without warning.

3.25: Any naming of individuals, sales managers and work teams is prohibited.

3.26: The activity of sales consultants in direct sales systems is prohibited until the end of the contract with Sushia.


4- Recalling The Products:

Recalling of Sushia products and services only includes the products purchased this week and before the calculation of the income plan, and after that there will be no possibility of recalling after the calculation of the income plan. For recalling, a ticket containing the following text needs to be sent to the company's financial unit not later than Sunday at 18:00 (at Baku time).

Ticket Subject: Recalling products

Text: I, ......  have a request to return the purchased invoice to the number .......

Attachment: Written request to cancel the activity with the handwriting of the owner of the user panel, photo of the ID card in English in the name of the panel owner.

Note: The recalling operation will takes 72 working hours and the user will be included in the company's blacklist after requesting the recall, and in the future it is impossible form him/her to re-register as a sales consultant or even as a preferred customer.


5- Dealing with violators

In case of non-compliance with any of the above laws, the offender or persons will be notified and the offender's name will be entered in the registry book with the reason for receiving it. The way of warning to the people who have been warned is as follows:

5.1: Inserting the first notice in the registry book and its approval by the company's disciplinary committee: one week deprived of income calculations and no sales reserve for him.

5.2: Inserting a second warning in the registry book and it is approved by the company's disciplinary committee: one month deprived of income calculations and no sales reserve for him

5.3: Inserting the third warning in the registry book and its approval by the company's disciplinary committee: three months deprived of income calculations and no sales reserve for him

5.4: Inserting the fourth warning in the registry book and its approval by the company's disciplinary committee: Permanent closure of the position of the offending person's and being inserted on the Sushia's blacklist and the impossibility of re-registering in the marketing system and the company's customer club


This contract includes a remote contract and requires and accepts it using telecommunication means, the registrant accepted and singed it being in full health and fully awareness and without any force and reluctance, by electronic signature and pressing the confirmation button and the insertion of the confirmation code of its mobile number in the registration form, in accordance with the laws of electronic commerce in Azerbaijan and all over the world. The religious and legal transacting deal formula is hereby pronounced between the parties.