About Sushia

Sushia, a large company, has been researching new businesses since 2007 and entered the direct sales business in 2019 after years of trying and gaining a lot of experience
The CEO of the company, Mr. Alireza Madaei, after 12 years of experience in the network marketing business, was able to record significant sales and revenue records
With the launch of this business and the unveiling of its exciting services, Sushia has targeted 1 world ranking in 2024. The company's executives have presented all their business plans based on it, and after a year, they have been able to upgrade the company to sub-500 rankings
Sushia's services and facilities are all designed and implemented to benefit members. So that both with and without the use of the network, members can earn a significant income
Sushia's literal meaning is "savior." The word carries the same meaning in both Persian and Latin culture. The Sushia logo is a symbol of a hunting eagle. The eagle is a symbol of power, and the eagle is hunting for the pinnacle of authority and success. Underneath the name of Mazin Sushia is the company's compelling and exciting slogan, "Make a Better Life." This is not a slogan, but the attitude of each member of Sushia and even the management of this company

Now you can make a better life for yourself and your family by joining Sushia, and we will support you in this